BIO Shopping Bag s potiskem Eat pie, kill demons

Material: 100% OCS certifikovaná bio bavlna (340 g/m2)

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Eat Pie, Kill Demons - Dean's rules.
For all fans of the popular series Supernatural.

BIO Shopping Bag

High quality cotton shopping bag with dimensions of 38x42 cm and two handles of 67 cm. This EarthAware™ organic cotton bag will be loved not only by all the sustainable bio fashion lovers, but by everyone who likes to shop with a quality cotton bag with an original design. Don´t throw away the unsightly plastic bags after every shopping and get your own original bag and save the environment. Volume: 10 l

Material: 100% OCS certifikovaná bio bavlna (340 g/m2)

Size chart

Tabulka velikostí
Size Width (a) Length (b)
Jednotná 38 cm 42 cm